Tjaša Fajdiga

'' Life is a cabaret! ''

…says Tiasha Faidiga a passionate, young singer and performer from a small countryside village in West Slovenia. From a young age, she enjoyed singing, dancing and performing, as well as many sports. After completing her BA in Jazz Voice at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, life brought her to London where she is currently finishing her MA in Musical Theatre Performance at the Royal Academy of Music. Tiasha is the first Slovenian to be accepted to the programme and she is also one of the Academy’s scholars with a full-tuition scholarship.

Her concert repertoire usually consists of musical and cabaret hits from Broadway and West End shows. Through the themes of these songs – dating, travelling and the Bohemian lifestyle abroad – Tiasha tells her own life story. Are you curious about what kind of story that is?

"Not everything that can be counted counts,
and not everything that counts can be counted."
[Albert Einstein]